Alright… attempt at recapping the first show of the Women and Work tour! I know I won’t do it justice, but here goes….

First let me please just say……since I know you’re gonna see this eventually…BEN…let me cut your hair buddy! I AM a hairdresser you know? Lol And please may I suggest since you’ve let it get so long, let’s take it back to that gnarly ass mullet hawk you had back in the early 2000’s!! Whataya say? Hahaha I kid, I kid. You could put on a clown suit, complete with red nose and all and you’d still be the sexiest man I know! 

Ok. Next. I actually took a few notes for you guys this time instead of just being drunk and trying desperately to remember what was going on. Do you know how hard it was to peel my eyes away from Ben long enough to make notes on my phone? Yea…..well….you’re about to find out, cos my notes suck! Haha I got to meet Cara OFFICIALLY at the show last night! SWEET SWEET LADY by the way!! I think I’ve probably seen her at almost every Arkansas show I’ve been to. At least the ones in the last couple years anyway. I think she was my only follower there. I met a few other guys who follow the blog but aren’t “followers”…..make sense? It was so strange having people recognize me from FYBN and come up to tell me how much they dig the blog! I’m happy to meet you guys though and I’m thrilled that everyone loves the page! Thank you!

For those of you who were not there, you seriously missed one HELL of a fucking show! I’ve been going to Lucero shows since 2003 and I think last night was THE funnest Lucero show I’ve seen yet. Our boys were so on point last night! They sounded great and they were having a blast. You could tell they were ready to bring the place down! I can’t remember what song they started off with but I do remember very early in, maybe song 2 or 3, they played Kiss The Bottle and in true Ben Nichols fashion……he forgot the lyrics. Lol Is it strange that I kinda love it when that happens? In the beginning, I think Brian and his lady, Sam, were kinda stealing the show. At least for me anyway. I loved watching the 2 of them. The way he looks at her is so sweet. It’s that same look my husband has in his eyes when he looks at me. She was right in front of Brian, talking with him as he played and dancing. She was also a little toasted and at one point leaned across the speakers to let Ben know “There’s SOOOO many lesbians in here”. I was highly amused because to be quite honest…..there did seem to be an unusual amount of lesbians in attendance. Lol

Ok ok on to the show. From the new album they played It may be too late, On my way downtown, Women and work, Sometimes, and I know there were a couple more…..but as I said….hard to look away and all. They sounded amazing and I just can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. I was surprised to hear Banks of the Arkansas at all, but not only did they play it, they played the most rockinous version of that song you ever did hear!! When Ben went solo he did not play The War, which was odd but he said he’d depressed himself enough for the night and just wasn’t into it. As sad as it was to not hear it, I get it. I feel ya Ben. Sometimes you just can’t. Last Night in Town was REALLY FUN!! It was just super loud, fast, and they were having fun with it! During Tears Don’t Matter Much John C. got down into the crowd with us…should have tried to take some pictures of that but I suck and my Iphone is the 3GS so no flash. Boooooo. I’m sure some pictures of it will surface eventually! OH….also, here’s a little treasure nugget of information I hope makes you squeal with delight and maybe wet yourself a bit….they played a song called Juniper which is about a character FROM JEFF’S NEXT MOVIE!! Yea, who’s excited to see a trailer?? THIS GIRL!! Take Shelter was ridiculously bad ass by the way…I know I forgot to let you guys know after I watched it….but I’m telling you now. Lol

As the night came to a close, Cara and I were talking to everyone about our obsessive love for this band, Rick came over and chatted a few times as usual. That man is such a bad ass. Spoke to Brian briefly, in reference to Sam he said “I think she was more popular with the ladies tonight than Ben was”…..I agreed. She was getting lap dances and everything. Lol Ben mas making his rounds and eventually made it over to us. We bullshitted for a minute and I won’t disclose exactly what all was said of course, but we’ll just say he told me again how much he digs that I run this blog. It makes me feel really great knowing the man that inspired all this is really into it!! I might not be the best with words and I’m really vulgar…..often! But whether I sound like a drunken rambling asshole or like I could be the editor for a magazine……I run a fan blog for people who are as interested as I am in Ben, Lucero and everything in between. It’s important to me to let you guys know what’s going on no matter how shittily I may write it! So again, thank you to all my followers and thank you Ben for encouraging me to keep running this page!!   

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